The new benchmark for optimum processing and perfect surfaces

You can rely on professional quality, the new topcoats set the benchmark

Improved properties and reliable quality area what characterise CETOL® WF 960CETOL® WF 965 and CETOL® WF 945. Be it for semi matt, satin-gloss or matt looks – with our products your wooden surface receives optimum protection, a fresh look and a natural appearance.

  • Even better: high transparency and a pleasant feel underline the natural aspect of wood, that you can immediately sense. 
  • Even easier to process: Thanks to perfect levelling, minimum microfoam formation, good blocking stability and sandability you can very efficiently create a top-class surface. 
  • Even more secure: more quickly effective water and raindrop resistance minimises the risk of water stains and protects against damage. 
  • Even more durable: greater protection against UV rays, hailstone and temperature fluctuations.

You can see the benefits of our new products already in the application stage: you can very efficiently achieve a perfect surface.

Perfect surface

  • The products are characterised by an excellent levelling.
  • Even in a wet condition the products are very transparent and not at all milky. Therefore, you already get an impression of the appearance during application and can immediately correct the possible cloudiness.
  • They have minimal microfoam formation.


  • Good blocking stability allows quicker formatting of the wooden components.
  • Good sandability and demonstrably quicker drying allow a quick processing of the next coat.
  • Low viscosity with unchanging stability. Wear of your pump device and spray equipment as well as loss due to overspraying is therefore reduced.




If you have high expectations of a natural wooden surface, in which the look and feel are particularly important, then the new translucent top coats by Sikkens Wood Coatings are the right choice. Be it semi matt, satin-gloss or matt: you always get even surfaces and a consistent colour result.

  • Accentuation of the wooden structure thanks to high transparency for a fresh and natural appearance
  • Noticeably pleasant feel
  • Thanks to the water and raindrop resistance they already have resistance against blushing as soon as 20 hours after application.